• Guillaume TESSIER

    Guillaume TESSIER

    Sharing my journey towards killing the enemy within. So that I can bring value to the ones that matter => Dad/Husband ❤️, Entrepreneurs…

  • Alexandre Guillot

    Alexandre Guillot

    👨‍💻 VC at Spring Invest

  • Christian Stewart ✔️

    Christian Stewart ✔️

    Privacy, technology and internet culture. Trying my hand at YouTube here: youtube.com/c/privacy-guy

  • Rich Marks the Spot

    Rich Marks the Spot

    Founder of Creativity Scientist. Helping individuals find greater happiness through personal branding, story, and creativity.

  • Rafaël de Lavergne

    Rafaël de Lavergne

    CEO at Totem (www.thetotem.co). Strong believer & enthusiast around company culture in order to make our society more productive, efficient and human-centric.

  • Jules Maregiano

    Jules Maregiano

    Lucky to Work FOR and WITH my favourite Growth-Marketing tool, Phantombuster. Follow @phbuster for all our tips, tricks and experiments.

  • pressfarm


    Find journalists to write about your startup. Saves the hassle of having to track down press. Go to press.farm

  • Ali Kurtulmus

    Ali Kurtulmus

    A realist but also a struggling writer. I’m writing for a better life. MSc in Data Analytics and Management. Store Merchandiser at LC Waikiki.

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